Need help building a marketplace


I’ve recently entered a pitch competition and my idea has passed the first round. I’ve reached out to some promient people and companies already and they are also interested. I’m looking for someone who knows the ins and outs of bubble and that can help me build an online marketplace. I’ve purchased a template but as you know these need a lot of knowledge and skills to bring to customize them for a project.

I’m looking for someone who would be interested in creating a new company with me. I bring the business planning strategic direction and the sales to get things done. I’m looking for a builder and someone I can bounce ideas off of and take this thing to the next level.

Steps to launch:

  • Validate idea ( done have a few test clients and members looking to get to 100 of each)
  • Funding: will be launching an equity based crowdfunding campaign and will reach out to clients and members to get them involved early. Once this platform is build and has the 100 clients and there are some real bookings then we can approach some VC’s I’m in contact with.

Ideal co-worker:

  • Preferably in Canada, Toronto
  • English speaking but if you can speak other languages that is a plus.
  • is an expert in bubble development.
  • knows how to implement smart contracts and creating a digital rewards coin.
  • fun to work with, being weird or different helps in this space.

What I can offer at this stage:

  • I’m looking for a true business partner here and someone truly interested in starting something and following through to the end and that enjoys all the peeks and valleys this journey will take us on.
  • We can negociate either a cash payment for development and completion of specific tasks or you can come in as a business partner.
  • As mentioned above funding will come from fund raising initially if you have experience in this area all the better, I have personal connections with the owners and team members for a number of sites so this will help.

Please reach out via email: or LinkedIn

This might help:

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