Looking for a developer (or Partner even)

After looking at Bubble for a couple of weeks, i think it will be suitable for a commercial project that I have in mind.

I currently have 2 businesses, one is a retail business that also incorporates a Post Office. The other is an Amazon/eBay business. The businesses overlap in the fact that I sell products in the shop that I also sell on-line. I have been running the on-line business for 7 years and in that time I have used varies pieces of software to try and run my business, however non have been able to provide full functionality. There are products in the market that purport to provide the complete functionality but they cost £100’s per month to subscribe to. There is also only 1 company that I have found who do anything remotly like what I want to propose and their software is very “buggy”

I know what the system needs to do to satisfy the small to medium size business and I am looking for someone to help me get a MVP together. This can either be on a “Paid” basis or as an equal partner. Personally I would like someone (or even a couple of people) to get on board as partners/directors because I feel this product will be big, in a short period of time, and we will need to support it.

Need more information, drop me a message with any questions you have, and let me know why you are a good fit

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Shoot me a PM with some additional details if you have them. I might not be the right person for the project, but I would like to see the details before digging deeper.

Hi @sdfroggatt,

I would like to assist you,
I have sent you PM with details please check it.


Good Morning!
I have a lot of experience and market vision, and I would like to participate in projects in Europe. I’m Brazilian, our communications will have to be with a translator, my English for now is not good. But that won’t be a problem, I promise.
If you are interested we can talk to better understand your project.

Alexandre Kraufort