NEED HELP! Change value an elements value to a clicked element

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When ever one of the “High” “Medium” or “low” text element is clicked i want the “Priority” text elements value to change to the value of one of the three elements in the dropdown that had been clicked.

For example, if I click on the “High” text element, I want the priority text to be changed from “priority” to “High”

Make an Option Set. Call it Option-Priority. Make 3 options. High, Medium, Low.

Make your groupfocus element hold a repeating group. Make repeating group type Option-Priority. Add text to cell of repeating group and use current cells options display as value to show.

Put your Priority Text into a Group. Make the group type Option-Priority and leave the data source empty.

Then setup workflow, when the text in the repeating group is clicked use workflow action display data to display data into the group that contains the text Priority and display the current cells option.

On the text Priority put a conditional that when the container group option value is empty to show text as Priority and another conditional that when the container group option value is not empty to show the container group option display value.

I am pretty new to bubble, so I dont really know what a option set is and where to find it

Never mind watched a quick youtube video, I get your point. Thanks for the help

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Every thing is working exept for that last condiotion

I can’t find “to show the container group option display”

you can also create a state on the group element, lets call this Group. Lets call the state “Option” as type text. When you click high, set a workflow to change the state to “High”.At the Priority text,just put a condition like this: When Group “Option” is “High”, set the text to High. So on with the Medium and Low

I managed to figure it out, thanks for trying to help tho

Now i am trying to figure out the color of the font

It is better to use option sets from my experience as there is a lot less work involved with matching the values compared to text (like spelling mistakes or capitalization)…also, you can then use the option sets as fields on the custom data type the selections will be saved for, making things much better from a data standpoint. Additionally if you decide to change the wording at all, it is simple with option sets, by just changing the display value, but if used text would likely need to change the values everywhere the text has been used and stored.

It is the data source on the container group and the text value would be the container groups option display

Thanks, your comment really helped a lot. Do you possibly know how to change the font color of each individual option set. Right now all options are displaying the same font color. I want the text “high” to be red “medium” Yellow. Like in the first screenshot in my first message.

Couple of ways to do that.

Both have the same need, which is to have conditionals on the text element that displays the value.

One method would require a conditional for each option set value…create expression to say the container groups option value is, and then the value (ie: high) and property to change is font color.

Another method requires a single conditional, which you already have set up to show the display value. In that same condition change the property of font color…then on the option set create an attribute that is color, make it type text, and values will be the hex code of the relevant color…then on the conditional for font color use dynamic expression ‘container groups option color value’.