Text color change based on parent group


This should be simple. I have a repeating group listing options, each index has an image and text wrapped into a group. I would like to have users click on the group and it change colors. I would also like to change the color of the text. For example when the parent group is clicked, change the background of the group to blue and then change the text from black to white so that it will be visible when the background is changed.

I am having some issues getting the text portion done. I know how to save the selection to a user list and add a conditional to the group changing the background from white to blue but cannot figure out the text portion.

Any assistance would be awesome.


Hi there!

If you have the group changing color like you need it to you’re almost there! To get the text changing color as well you’ll need to add another conditional to the text element using the same condition you’re using on the group itself. Then use that conditional to change the “Font Color” attribute to white. Here’s the font color attribute for text elements in the conditional menu.

Hope this helps!

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