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Need Help:: choosing variables before initialising an API call

Am able to initialise a call , it shows all data and its value (URL for image) , the same is happening in Postman, but when I have to use those data in bubble am not able choose parameters , and with an empty parameter, data can’t be used, can anyone explain how to choose parameter? Like if “Email” : [email protected] is there , can I use key as Email and value as string, if not what other ways to do it ?

Have you tried defining dynamic values for parameters with
and then setting the value of ‘myEmail’ from the workflow? < > around the variable’s name lets you plug custom data in from your workflow.

Make sure that ‘private’ is unchecked for such a parameter and ‘Use as’ is marked as ‘Action’

yeah , I figured it out, one more thing I wanted to ask am getting all data but not able to access pdf file, is there any way to access pdf file, like if the pdf is attached its showing isAttachment=true else isAttachment=false but how to access pdf if isAttachment=true