Need help closing conditional expression

Hi everyone, i been trying last few days to put a conditional so that when a user chooses category , if it doesn´t exists alrready as an item, it creats a new value.

heres an example i used to restric the first item, but i want to condition all items, but i can´t find a way to close the logic of it.

here´s the table category used, where i want to create each category once.

if someone could help me it will be much apreciated.

As I understand - you have a separate data type Categorys Used.
So what you can do in Only when condition is: Do a search for Categorys Used:count > 0
In your search add a constraint category = category dropdown’s value.

This way you are checking if a category you’ve chosen in the dropdown exists in your DB.

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Thanks artemzheg, it worked perfectly, much apreciated your help
Heres how it turn out, the only thing we tweaked is that we made it (Categories used < 1).