Conditionally make changes to a thing

Hey folks. I’ve got a bit of an issue that I’m struggling to get my head around:
I’ve got a series of sliders in a repeating group that I would like my users to set. I can get the value no problem, push it into the DB with no problems, and even calculate a sum (stored as a number) of all the values with no issues (I love bubble).

The issue I have is that I need to populate a second field in the same data type that is conditional on the number I set in the “sum” above. I need it to do something like:

if num_field < 50
text_field = "Low"

if num_field >= 50 and if num_field <75
text_field = "Medium"

if num_field >=75
text_field = "High"

…I just don’t know how to do something like that. Anybody have any ideas?


You can add 3 more actions in that workflow and put conditions on them.
For the 1st one, the only when condition would be : Do a search of the sum you just saved (you can directly use result of previous step as well) and then click on more options and add < 50 ,
Similarly for 2nd one, Do a search >= 50 AND Do a search <75
Similarly for 3rd one , Do a search >=75.

Hope this helps.

That really DOES help! Thanks!