Need help converting images to Base64 for HTML2Canvas plugins

I have used all the HTML2Canvas plugins and none of them allow me to capture images stored on my private AWS S3 when using Chrome or Edge. (Firefox and safari work)

I do not think this is a CORS issue (my CORS are very permissive)

I think the issue involves a “Tainted Canvas” as detailed here (Mixing images from two origins)

Uploadcare describes the issue with images hosted on their servers being used in Canvas here

I’ve had HTML2Canvas plugin authors solve it in the past, but the issue somehow keeps reoccurring. (Maybe Chrome/Edge update their security settings?)

If I convert the images to Base64 with this page, I can screencap them. I just need a plugin to do this (Unless there is some reason I shouldn’t do this? )

I’ve tried all the base64 plugins to no avail. Maybe I just don’t know how to use them - Whatever the case, I will pay someone to implement a solution even if it involves just using other free plugins.


Hey, I built a plugin for base64 stuff not too long ago.

Not sure if it fits into your use case (I hope it does), but worth a shot : File URL to Base64 Plugin | Bubble

Ranjit from Atomic Fusion

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I think that’s gonna work. My sincere thanks.

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