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Need help creating a Kanban board in my app

Hi there

I am creating an order management tool and want to have a Kanban style board that shows what stage of the production process each order is in.

Here’s what it looks like in the app:

Here’s how it needs to work:

  • Every order that has a particular status (I.e. Order Status = Active) should appear on the board as a card. Order Status is a field against the order in the database.
  • Every card should be in the column relative to the stage of the production cycle it is in. I.e. Orders that have ‘Stage = Ordered’ should appear in the ‘Ordered’ list. Stage is a field against the order in the database.
  • Users should be able to drag and drop cards between each list/stage, and doing so would trigger a workflow that would update the ‘Stage’ field. I.e. Moving a card from the Ordered column to the Shaping column would update the ‘Stage’ field of that order from ‘Ordered’ to ‘Shaping’.

This is all pretty standard Kanban board functionality seen in tools like Jira, Salesforce (the Lightning Experience), etc. but I’m unsure whether it’s possible to do in Bubble.

Can anyone advise if they’ve had any success doing something like this before?

Thanks so much!


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You’re in luck! You can create this type of functionality with Bubble. Take a look here [New Feature] Draggable/droppable elements

Also look at @vega.andrew post Drag - Drop Reorder Your Repeating Group

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You might also want to check this thread here 🤹‍♀️ Trelly - Projects & Tasks like Trello Template from Zeroqode


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