[Need Help] Creating a platform for testing employees

Hello, everyone. I want to develop a platform for testing my employees in the field of information security. Based on what I know about bubble, I created a data test that includes the following categories: question, answer, correct answer. I am creating a page that goes to after logging in and there I want to display the question and answer to it through RepeatingGroup, but I ran into a problem that the answer options through dynamic RadioButtons and Dropdown are displayed all that are in the data type of options for Question 1 include options for Question 2, I would be grateful if you could tell me how to fix it.
I would also be grateful if you could explain how to optimize the recording of points per user and their calculation. In general, I don’t have enough experience with the platform to implement my idea. I will be grateful to everyone who responds.

This sounds pretty easily achievable.

All you need is your question option group (number, question, correct answer), then have your repeating group display those options sorted by number.

Create an input for the answer and once the user inputs an answer, check the answer vs Current Cell’s Option’s Correct Answer, which should give you only the question currently being answered.

RE storing answers in your database, an option would be to create an “Answers” datatype (user, question, answer) and add that datatype to your users as a field. Then you’d be able to save each answer to your user as they input the information, just create a new “Answer” each time they answer a question.

You’ll also need to account for users changing previous answers, so when they edit an old answer, search your database for an answer that matches both that user and the question, and change that answer.

Hope that helps!

It looks simple, but I don’t understand how to set up a logical process of adding points on the platform. I have a RepeatingGroup that contains a text field with a question and RadioButtons with dynamic values in the middle of the RepeatingGroup there is an end button and I understand that when I click on this button I need to build a Workflow where I do the Make changes to current user action and create the action “score = current user+1” and only when the user’s answer is correct from the data

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