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I’m building a little app where restaurant owners can send a survey to their customers to rate their experience.

In the dashboard, I want to build a repeating group, where each cell stands for its own answer.
So basically, the restaurant owner can create 1 survey, but this one has multiple comments from different customers.

How do I structure the database for this to work? Thanks in advance!

Create a data type “survey” and have a list of surveys on the user data type.
Additionally, create a data type “answer” and have a field “survey” on it which links each answer to its survey.

In the repeating group, simply show each user’s list of surveys. In each survey cell you search for answers where survey=this cells survey.

If you expect to have a lot of surveys per user (100+), you could think about having the user linked on the survey data type instead of having the surveys as a list on the user for performance reasons.

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@reger-alexander Thank you very much for your fast and detailed answer!
I will try this out and report back if it worked. :slight_smile:

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Somehow I can’t seem to figure this out… (Still a bubble newbie). Do you happen to have the time to show a little demo app on how this is done? Maybe make it read-only.

This would be veryy handy! :grimacing:

Oh by the way, each restaurant owner can only have 1 survey, but this one, has 3 answer from many different customers.