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Need help developing!


I have few ideas I would like to develop and I wonder if theres somebody out there willing to collaborate and work as freelance. Please contact me if you have experience using bubble and successful apps uploaded.


Be Great!

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I’m interested.

You can have a look at my AppSimplicity, SheqDocs (still in development) and ChurchCloud (on hold while client is oversees) sites.

Please feel free to mail me with any questions you might have. I would like to know more about you ideas.

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Hello Raymond!

Thanks for your interest. This sites behave great! Quiet what Im looking for, just with some more specific features like the ability to display a magazine (starting in pdf) to go for a more smooth way to show in the future; and a blog feature. I just found this tool, that I think would work great!
I would like to know more about the work dynamic and your hourly rate, or payment method.
If its fits my principles and budget, I think we could make a good team!

Hope to know from you real soon Ray! Have a wonderful day!

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Hi Juan.
I’ve sent you a private message.