Looking for Help Building Software on Bubble.is

Hello there!

Looking for some help building out my software!

I’ve been working on it for 44 days now, and can see it’s going to take a lot of time, so looking for some help to get it all done faster!!!

I want someone long term as I think constant never ending improvement.

Also please let me know how much you charge!

Thank you!

Oh yeah the software’s main goal is to post amazing content on all key social media platforms. Also collaboration with freelancers that have profile, scoring system, etc. etc. Here’s a quick over view of what I’ve got: https://www.screenmailer.com/v/eRrF5bBYpa1dVa4

Looking forward to chatting regardless!

PM here or I’m more often on skype: rlpassion (Mike Piet)


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Interesting project. You may be able to request a quote from the @levon team.


ty! Yes just spoke with Vlad on the agency approach help and he was super duper helpful thank you!


Hi Mike,

I will help you. Please see PM.

  • Vincent
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Check out SendPilot - If I remember the interview correctly, they are doing something similar, all built on Bubble! Maybe you guys can work out some synergy.

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True!!! wow great share - for sure could be an epic bubble to bubble collaboration :smiley: Thank you!!

Hi Mike,

Seems like an interesting idea. Micro-content strategy seems to be very relevant these days (with Gary Vaynerchuk mentioning it everywhere). It would be great to see this built out in bubble.

I’ll be happy to contribute to bring this to life. I have sent you a PM with my profile. Let’s chat if you find it relevant.



Hi Mike,
This sounds like an interesting concept and well within my skill set.
I would be happy yo help you out, you can reach me on andrewjohnson56782@gmail.com
Best Wishes,