Need help! How can I do a search for items based on a string of texts?


Is it possible to use bubble built in functionality to do a search for items (payment_methods) based on a string of texts separated by commas (Cash, Bank transfer)?
Each payment_method has a name (Cash, Bank transfer, Other) and I would like to do a search using my string of texts (Cash, Bank transfer) and return all payment_methods where the Name contains either text.

If it’s not possible to do it using the built-in functionality, I think I need to convert the string to an array and then use javascript and loops to do a search for each item?

Thanks a million in advance for you help!

Very straightforward to do in Bubble

Example: search paymentMethods with constraint name is in your list of texts

As @cmarchan noted, very straightforward. If I am understanding correctly, you can do a simple search and filter like below. The input Methods will have your list separated by a comma. The repeating group will have these list of payment methods. Tested.

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And it works perfectly! Thank you so much, I tried the split by but didn’t add the each item trimmed :pray: