Need Help with searching


I want to build a Search App.

I will build a Database that contains Postal Code, Vehicles, Value
I want it to have a input Field where the user puts in a Postal Code and
3 Checkboxes.

I want it to Filter and display the data on the same Screen.
I want it to Filter the data first on Postal Code and Second on 1 of the 3 Checkboxes.

And after that i want it to show me The Postal Code and Vehicle

How do i do that, i have bin watching youtube but cant find out how to.



This is what i want to get working

I’ve just published an article on Medium that outlines a simple implementation on Bubble of search-like functionality.
It seems very similar to what you need.
Bubble’s filters can only match whole words.
My method can only search for the beginning or end of a text, but it works pretty well, and doesn’t require workflows and other complex combinations.
[]( search filter)