Need Help! How can I save these ranges for different days in my database

I have built the UI for this, now I want to understand how can I save these date ranges in any user.
Its a appointment booking app.
These dates are derived from a option set type text.

Hi @Devansh_21,

If those times are tied to specific dates, then I’d suggest familiarizing yourself with Bubble’s built-in date range data type. It’s ideally suited to booking scenarios. For your purposes, you can think of it as a “time slot” data type. There are a number of operators available for determining if time slots overlap or contain specific date/time values, etc.

However, if those times are not tied to specific dates and represent time-only values - i.e. specific times on specific days of the week (but not specific dates) - then things can get a bit more tricky, especially if your users will be across different time zones.

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