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Need Help (HTML Templates)

Hi everyone,

I am trying to create an invoice template using HTML. I have the HTML but i am unable to get the RG data into the HTML block.

My Invoice template is below

All the static fields i already have them in the HTML block. The only problem i have is the list of items .

How do i generate a dynamic HTML block which will create a new line for every line in the RG of items?

Would really appreciate any help on this.

Thanks so mcuh

In your html blocks, just get the list of items (with the appeopriate filters or sélection rules), and add the :format as text at the end, to convert each item and item fields in a new html table row.

wow, Please could you shed more light on this? sample? Please?

Thanks so much

Thanks Christophe. I got extra help and i was able to do it. I have explained my process in the post below for anyone who needs it

How to print a repeating group from an HTML block in bubble

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