Repeating group data need to seprate

this is my page where data parameters are send from one page to another but repeating is showing data combine in one column i want to separte each items in list

anyone can help pls

Can you screenshot in the editor what your page looks like? How is your data structured, does the invoice have a field for the list of items? If so then the data source for the repeating group should be Current pages Invoice’s Items. Then the text boxes in the cell should “Current cell’s Item’s Description” (for the description column"

If your items are stored in your database with the field Invoice on each item, then the data source for the repeating group should be “Do a search for Items” with the condition “Invoice = Current page’s Invoice”

as you can c sir on my webpage during creating invoice in custom state its showing plus item on page but after genrating invoice its showing all data in column inclduing all the items.

please find the screen shot and please let me know where i am doing mistake in this
thanks for replying

To me this kind of looks like a data structure thing, could you screenshot what your data fields look like? I think you’re storing the prices and qtys all under the Invoice itself?

yes sir you are right i am storing this product items qty and vat% in invoice bcz
i am adding product through search where we already have a product list only serach product add price and qty and save

Okay I see. What you would want to do instead is make another Thing type called “Invoice Item” for example. Then under the thing Invoice add a new field with the type “Invoice Item” and check the box to make it a list. Now you can store a list of Invoice Items under one Invoice. The thing “Invoice Item” has it’s own fields, like description, quantity, VAT%, price ,etc. You could also have a field with the type Product so the invoice item can store the exact product in question. So the user could click the picture or something and actually go back to the actual product listing. I can explain that more if needed.

Then when you search for your products and click the add to invoice button, your workflow would be: Create a thing, (thing type would be Invoice Item), set all the fields like the Current page’s Products’ price, etc. Then do “Make changes to a thing” (with the type Invoice) Change Current user’s Invoice (if that’s how you are referencing the invoice you want to change) and change Invoice Items add Result of step 1.

You’re basically finding the invoice you want to edit, taking the list of Invoice items, and creating a new item with the price, qty, etc to the existing list.

Your repeating group data source would then be: Current pages Invoice’s Items (with the type being Invoice Items). and inside the cell the text would be Current cell’s Invoice Item’s Description (for the description text for example).

i hv done changes in my data types and fields as per some videos i hav seen on youtube but thing is each video is showing th half stuff and and ask for do subscribe for our plan and blaah blaah we are happy to help u please follow this link… please let me how can i extract data in each cell like custom state in page invoice plus item

It basically comes down to data structure being set up to fit your needs. The way I described it would work for you but you’ll just have to try it out how I described.

My way keeps all the invoice items separate as their own Thing, so there’s no extracting or anything. It’s basically just keeping a list of item under the invoice, and listing all the invoice items in the repeating group.

thnku sir tyler i tried to make the product & items save seprately but thr result are same as above i have to add each product and items during signle time. thanku for ur support please let me know if its possible to sort the list independentely

In the Data types tab could you click on each Data type and screenshot each one? You should have the type Product and another one Invoice already, but you’ll need a new one called Invoice Item

hi sir tyler hope you are doing well and thanks for helping me i do some chnges as per your advice i made some changes in data type fields and product//items to… but i am getting same result after genrating the invocie the page is showing combine items in one column.please find the screen shot with this reply

is it possible to send custome state plus item data in another page

Make a new data type called “Invoice Items” Under that type, with a “Quantity” field (type is number) and a “Product” field (type is Products_Items).

Under the Invoices data type, remove the “Items Description” with the List of Products_Items field. And make a new one called “Invoice Items” with the type “Invoice Items” (check the box to make it a list)

Now you can store a list of “invoice items” under each invoice. And each “Invoice Item” has a quantity, and references a specific product, and the product contains all the data like description, price, VAT, etc.

Custom states aren’t useful here because those are strictly for displaying temporary data on screen. What you’re doing is all stuff in the database you need to store.

Sir tyler thanks for the reply and i hope u r doing well i will try this as u describe above and will try tomrrow morning as we are in uae we have day holiday on saturday and sunday i will reply asap when i did as u instruct. thnaks

Maybe if I have time I can make an example app with a basic setup of all the data. I’ll reply back if I am able to do that so you can look at it.

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thanku so much sir

as do i need to add the other field as well which are in product.items too such as vat% vat Amount and amount aed as well
and how i can store serach items description from invoice page to invoice app data its not showing serch box decsrption items in current page parameters.

The only reason I recommend also adding those fields in the InvoiceItem is because later on if you change the price of the product, it would automatically change the prices in your invoices even though they could be paid by the customer already at an older price. By having the invoice item with its own fields it “separates” it and stores its own text instead of being tied to the original product. Then the description text would beCurrent Cell's InvoiceItems's Description

If you don’t need to do that, then to get the descriptions inside the cell you can just make some text and set it to be Current Cell's InvoiceItems's Product's Description

sir tyler thanks for your support and reply with the above queries i found out with ur given instruction were i am performing the wrong steps thnku so much …
i need one more small help how i can edit the same invoice after genrating the invoice.

Great to hear. Also the text for the money you can click more after it then do :formatted as and pick Currency and do two decimal places to make it look like money format.

To edit this invoice there’s a couple options. You could make a new custom state directly on the page called “edit” and make it a yes/no (have it default to no). Then make an edit button at the top corner or something that sets the state to yes. Then for the customer name, address, etc fields just add text boxes that are not visible on page load, but with conditionals to be visible when the current page’s “edit” is yes.

Then if you want it to instantly make changes when you edit the text boxes just check the box on each input to auto-bind to it’s parent’s thing. Then pick which field you want it to edit instantly on change.

For the invoice items to edit them, you can do the same thing, put an edit button on each one and make it change a custom state for that cell’s group or something. And have text boxes to change quantities, etc. Maybe also a delete button in the cell so you can remove it from the invoice. The workflow for that would be Delete a thing, Current cell's Invoice Item

If you want a “save” button that saves the changes all at once, then make a save button and in the workflow do Make changes to a thing and change the current page's invoice and just match up all the field with the text input boxes you created.