Need help in converting Json object into a list of things

Hi All,

We are trying to get data from a Nested JSON array and convert it into a list of things.

[{“def_id”:“DSSX”,“type”:“custom”,“name”:“Page 7 days”},
{“def_id”:“SyW3”,“type”:“custom”,“name”:“Purchase 7 days”},
{“def_id”:“nqaU”,“type”:“custom”,“name”:“Initiate Checkout 180 days”}]

The above mentioned is the nested JSON array which we have in our database, I want to add it as a list of things and show it in a repeating group.

But when I hit the API I am getting these as individual key-value pairs (As mentioned in image below) rather than a whole object, is there a way to get it as a whole nested JSON object instead of getting key value pairs.


Thanks in advance for any help here.

@mishav @NigelG

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This might help …


Hi @NigelG, when I try to populate a list of text in a thing with array returned from an API call, I get a single record with the texts separated by comma. I use the expression add <list_from_API>. The list is configured as text. What am I doing wrong?

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Once again I figured out after posting - the expression should be set list, rather than add. I always get caught by that :roll_eyes:

Oh that website is fantastic!

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