Need help making a group float on top of popup

I need help making a group float on top of a popup. Willing to pay someone to do it.

I have read all the threads around this subject and seems custom css is the solution and it’s above my pay grade.

See my screenshot for the section I want to float at the top of the pop-up.

Comment or message me if you can do this!

Try my plugin…it could work. Test it by subscribing and if it doesn’t work for you unsubscribe at you are refunded by Bubble at a pro-rated cost of the subscription. If it works for you, then you would want to pay the one time fee instead of remaining on subscription.

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Thanks brother!

I bought yours a few weeks ago and was testing with it but couldn’t get it to work for my use case. Could be operator error for sure, but I have so many other areas of my database that I’m focusing on that I just want to pay someone for a solution on this lol

Based on the image in your post that looks like the popup is simply going to need a group with text at the top followed by a repeating group with images underneath, you don’t need the group to float.

Here is a working example you could copy and paste into your app

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Thanks for looking into it!

The popup has considerably more data and loads of groups in it though haha

here is the test version:

you can click any of the property records from the index and the popup will show with the property details for that record. The info at the top is what I would want to float.

The main issue is that the page is scrolling…not the popup, so as the page scrolls the popup is moving along with the page scroll.

You can make it as the example by putting a max height onto the popup and then the popup itself will scroll and not the page. You can also, put all details inside a group container in the popup and mark that it can enable vertical scrolling when content overflows, leave the data you want to ‘float’ outside of that main group, then the content to ‘float’ stays in position, and the group with all other details is scrollable inside of the popup while the page does not scroll.

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This is basically what I ended up doing to solve the issue. Thanks so much!!

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