Custom CSS - make group float

Has anybody implemented some custom CSS to target a group element to make it float? I would like to make a group element float without the assistance of a plugin. Floating group will not work for my use case.

Different css for different use case, can you expantiate your use case a little?

Yes if. Need. Some. Help

Hi @iwakinomotoye

I have a spreadsheet with header that is a group and is not in the repeating group that displays values. The repeating group is set to show 10 rows. On some devices, this makes it so user would need to scroll down the page to view results lower in the list.

When user scrolls down and the top of page hits top of header, I want header to float at top of page, so as user scrolls further they can still see spreadsheet header which labels the values they are seeing in the repeating group cells that are further down the page.

Hi @boston85719 , I think this should work for your use case. let me know if it doesn’t.
#header {
position:fixed !important;
z-index: 99 !important;
top: 0 !important;

Thanks @iwakinomotoye

I tried to implement this, but is not working for me…likely could be because I am doing it wrong or that the way the elements are setup, Bubble is restricting the ability for the custom css to take hold.

I will send you a PM, so I can look at how you are implementing it.

@boston85719 were you able to achieve this without a plugin?

I ended up building a plugin for it.

Happy to buy this. One limitation I faced with Floating groups is that I cannot put them inside a group. I assume with this plugin I can effectively have a floating group inside a group, although its really a normal group?

Yes, the plugin I built will allow you to put most any element (icon, text, group etc) into a group or even a reusable element and have it become an element that can float.