Need help on website

hi so im trying to get my app to a domain can i get some help thanks! ( i need help putting the stuff on my hosting)

You cannot put Bubble app on your hosting.
But you can set your domain in Setting tab / domain

@retrosolutions If you’re referring to how to setup just the domain name:

In your Bubble App, go to Settings > Domain/Email > Enter your domain name > Select ‘Set up this domain’.

Grab your new IP address and head over to your domain hosting provider > Add an ‘A’ record. You’ll also be provided a ‘www’ when setting up in Bubble, you’ll add this as an ‘A’ record as well.

Go back to your Bubble App, go to Settings > Domain/Email > Select ‘Check my settings’. If all is well, check the box underneath for SSL encryption.

You should be all set afterwards.


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