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Hello world!
I am struggling about using my domain to host my app.
right now, my domain is hosting my Website, so i Would like to host my app as :, but I dont know how to this.
I want to keep the url as my site url, and when uses/myappname it direct to the app, it will show like
Anyone can help me?

HI you can create /appname in your bubbleapp and than you can on page load from index go to that page . By default your domain is pointed to

hence you need to make chance to your bubbleapp

I dont know if I get it.
If I do this, once some one go to my domain, like, it will be send to my app? I wish i can keep my website and current pages at the sample url, just add this / aftter my website url to access my app.
I am new using bubble, sorry if this is a stupid question


On your current website:
Create a directory in your public folder (where your website index file lives) named “myappname” and within that folder, put a file named index.html.

Within the index.html page you paste in the following:
Replace myapp with the name of your app.

You can set up DNS records on your current website so you get Follow instructions in Bubble documentation for domain setup.

That should work.


i cant access this link:

Here is the content on (could not make it work in my first post):

<!DOCTYPE html>
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