Need help regarding layers app

Can we build screens in layers instead of different pages, especially when it’s for mobile. ? If so , how can we do.

Yes. What I do is stack them on top of each other and then make sure they are only visible when you want them to be. Usually I use set states.

Then make sure every group can collapse when hidden.

That seems to work the best for me. Hope that makes sense and is helpful. :blush:


Thanks . This solution is best

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No problem. :+1:

Want to learn more?


My live app :- Bubble | No-code apps

I have one more issue . can you help me out . I want to put my footer bar at bottom of screen when it open on any devices ,it should stick at bottom screen ( desktop / tablet / mobile ). I want to show like this in the give image. I am not able to do that. can any one help me out , how it can be possible.

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Hey there,

Your footer needs to be a “floating group”. Also in its settings, it needs to connect to the “bottom” of the page. That should give you the desired look.

Hope that helped. :blush:

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Is it possible to add html / css and JavaScript in bubble. ? . If so , how can I do that

I need footer to stick like this in the example , even if the page scrolls.

I use the floating group but not able to get like this.

Is this what you are trying to accomplish?

This would be a separate post if you want to learn how to add html/css/javascript into bubble :slight_smile:

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Thanks . It help me lots. I have one more issue , can you solve .

I want to align my logo in center of the screen.Is it possible. The logo is centered horizontal but its not vertically centered . when I see the logo on different devices, horizontal center is god but vertically , It is not centered properly. Can anyone help me how can I solve this ?. Thanks

Yes , can you send me screenshot or code of this.

It is just using a floating group. Just put it at the bottom of your page and then check it as “bottom”.

Is this a popup that you want? Maybe using css or something might work. Not really an easy way to make it center like that on all screens.

Its not popup, I want a splash screen , the logo needs to be centered horizontal and vertical. I am getting issue vertically center align. Thanks for the screenshot.

I think there would have to be some sort of CSS coding to get it to dynamically detect the height and center it. I don’t know CSS though. :man_shrugging:

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Yes, This approach will be good.

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