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Need help setting up Google Analytics (or Tag Manager) events

When trying to set up events within google analytics or google tag manager, it would be helpful if we could set an ID to a group. That way, when it appears, a call can be made that triggers an event and we could better understand how users are interacting within the app.

Say for example, a user clicks something, one bubble group is hidden and another bubble group is shown. I’d like to trigger an event when that group is shown. But at the moment, it’s difficult to differentiate groups because their divs are pretty generic. Example:

<div class="bubble-element Group" style="display: block; box-sizing: border-box; height: 218px; position: absolute; z-index: 6; left: 12px; top: 280px; width: 295px; border: 1px none rgb(107, 107, 107); border-radius: 2px; box-shadow: none; background: none transparent;">

Alternatively, I could set up events onclick event if that could somehow be added as a workflow option. For example (and this is for a native app, could work similarly in web), the ability to fire something like below when a link is clicked

onclick="'Category', 'Action', 'Label', Value)"

Having either of these options would be incredibly useful for measuring effectiveness, etc.


Looks like the MixPanel plugin is extremely helpful in this regard — so long as I don’t face the mixed fortune of moving into their paid tier : )

It’d be great if the Google Analytics plugin could pass events via Bubble Workflow like MixPanel does. But I’m probably good in the short term (or hopefully not! haa)

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Hey @vaughnwibbles I was having a trouble with that too today, but fix its pretty simple. A little late but probably will help someone else.

  1. Check this link
  2. Use this configuration to do de API call POST with Bubble API Connector

  1. Use API call in button workflow

  2. Enjoy!

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How does the cid work? Are you using the user id? I’m getting an error.


API in Bubble API Connector


I don’t think this API is json, but xml

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@emmanuel I tried checking XML data and initializing but get an error now. Also got the same error as in my previous post when attempted to complete the event in the workflow.

I am fairly certain it isn’t XML. The issue is that the response is basically a null image. You don’t get a response code etc.

In this case the response should just be ignored, but bubble wants something back.

Can you share a public link to test? Otherwise we can’t do much.

Were you able to get this to work?

Were you doing this so you could track signups as a Goal in google analytics?

It looks like “Image” is now a possible response format in the Bubble - so set the GA Event post to have that as a return … and it works.


This should mean the other “image” response APIS will now also work.

Thanks Nigel, I’ll try it out