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With the mobile app industry relying on feedback from users consistently, is bubble reliable to display data for mobile apps?

How would that look exactly inside of Google analytics? Because Bubble is all running on one page? It doesn’t seem that it would be a sound solution.

I’m in the planning stages trying to determine if I should build a conventional app and connect it to bubble via api or if I can use the bubble mobile features but without major limitation in data or UX.

We are looking to use Jasonette approach
It sound a good way to do things in iOS and Android without having to recompile each time (everything is direct), access to direct native commands. The idea was post couple of days ago. I don’t know if someone has experience with it, and can share some info.

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Im talking more about analytics software like Mixpanel.

Will it work or not really because everything is on one page?

Really depends on what specific metrics you want to track, as Mixpanel works great for any workflow related events that you want to track.For Google Analytics I think you would need to setup ‘Events’, as page views would obviously not be a great metric.

It is really flexible for what data to collect, and will obviously take some time to set up all the events you want to track, but if you put in the time you can get some great analytic data.

Have you used Mixpanel in Bubble yet? I found setting up events in GA a little confusing, so tried Mixpanel and it was very straightforward


I’m more interested in mixpanel and just need to be sure that it will provide the data one looks for even though you’re building a mobile app the unconventional way on Bubble.

Should work well for you then. As you set up a workflow to ‘Send Event’ to Mixpanel when any specified button or Condition is met