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Need Help - Sign Up not working

Hi Bubblers, I am a newbie and now using a template to turn it into my web app.
I built the signup workflow according to the tutorials but when I trial it, it doesn’t work - it is not responding and the signup information also does not appear in the built database. I wonder if anyone could give me some advice on this? (Is it because I am using the Personal Version ?) Really appreciate it! Thank you!!!
Best regards,

Hi @annaz!

Could you share your workflow, actions and database structure!?

Good morning, thank you for the reply. Here are the workflow, actions and data. I also found that the Development and Live data look very different, in the latter case it is still the template interface instead of what I have built. I wonder if these are issues are correlated.

Hi @annaz!

When you sign up an user, you are using the development version or the live version? Because by the picture, you are seeing the development version of your database.

The development version. The data is not there in the live version either. And when I switch to the live version the web looks totally different. What should I do?

What you can do is to create an alert to display the message “Test ok” after the “Sign the user up” action in your workflow to make sure that this workflow is being played correctly after you click the button.

To sync the live and the development version you will need to click in the “Development” text in the top right corner and select “Deploy”. This way, you will migrate the layout and workflow that you have in development version to live.

Thank you so much! I will do this now!

Thank you so much! It’s working now! Now I can move on to the next page! I’m so happy :smiley:

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