Need help storing data

Hi All-

I am a new user to bubble and have been struggling to set up the data model in two ways:

  1. I have a non-logged in user submitting inputs across various web pages. I have been able to store the data in the database, but it update different rows, instead of different columns in the same row. How do I show the database that the entire flow (across multiple pages) is one user entry to store?

  2. I am using the multiselect dropdown plugin. How do I get these inputs to be stored in a user database? Specifically, I want each input to be stored in a separate field/column.

Thanks for the help!

Seems that the logic you have setup is creating new entries and not updating the only one you want updated after it was originally created.

Whenever you need an update perform a search for that unique entry and update it. You can store its’s unique id when it is first created and later when you need to find it … use it’s unique id to find it and the you can update that single entry.

This is really helpful feedback- thanks. Any suggestions on how to store the unique ID so that I can later update it?

That depends. Many ways to do it.

Think though your dB model and choose the best way to do it.

  • A field in a data-type?
  • A separate data-type?

Difficult to provide specific suggestions without an understanding of your dB model and what you are doing.

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