Saving data coming from different pages in one database

Hi Bubble community,

I am new to Bubble and trying to make an app that gets its users to enter information through questions on multiple pages. Like airbnb.
Currently, my form inputs are populating as individual cells in the database. See screenshot below, the information entered should be linked to one user but currently being populated as their own unique entries to the database. How can this be resolved? (When navigating through to forms I entered “data to send” as “current user”)

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In your database types, create a “user” field, so you can retrieve which row is for who user.

–> So on the first page, you create a field with “address location=x” and “user=current user”.
–> Then on other pages you modify data doing a search “user=contain current user” and then modify a field eg “Name-Business”

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Hi @vnihoul77 thanks alot for your reply. :slight_smile:

I got your first point but not sure what you mean by the second step. I added the field “user = current user” but after that not sure what to do.
Thanks :slight_smile:
See screenshot below: