Need help to show a list of things based on values....decreasing

Hey guys. I am displaying a list of things which is a combination of text and numbers. I need to display these things in a decreasing scale based on the numeric values. Did anyone needed to do this before? How can I achieve this?

Hey Razvan,

With the use of “sort by” in your data source, you can easily do so.

If this doesn’t work let me know.


thank you for your help

this is not my case as I am not using the repeating group.

I am displaying the info on a PDFModel.

see more details below

and it displays like this

I need those items to be displayed in a descending order based on the numeric values.

Any thoughts?

thank you man
I am so damn stupid
I said I am not using the repeating group but this was exactly what I was using.
I don’t know how I did not see it.