Dynamically created fields (use dynamic data in the Charts plugin)

Hi all

I’ve been playing around with the Bubble Charts plugin, and find the use quite limited, as it is basically built only to fetch data from a field column, which is hard to set up dynamically. I’ve also read that the Bubble team will only prioritize improving it if it is sponsored – which is fair, in my view. So I’m not questioning this, and might consider sponsoring it at some point in the future (I’d be happy to chip in if anyone else is interested in sponsoring this).

I’m interested to hear though, if someone has found any workarounds. As I understand it, you can only create new fields manually, as in the example from the Workflow editor under:

The way I see this, for all data you want to crunch in the Chart plugin, you would need to manually set it up, and a User would not be able to do it without access to the editor, which is out of the question. Am I right about this, or are there workarounds?

For my app, storing information in this way is not practical, but it might be a temporary solution to create tables from existing data solely for building charts.

(Note: I’m aware that other plugins/API’s are possible to implement, such as Google Charts, but I’d like to keep the discussion on the Bubble plugin in this thread, as other threads already exist for the other discussions)

Anyone know how to display dynamic elements in the chart plugin so that the user can use it as a “Savings Calculator” and be able to manipulate the data being displayed on the screen?

Looking to plot savings over time based on a calculation of on-screen elements.