Need help with a simple conditional that I can't figure out

What I have: In the link provided you’ll notice a repeating group at the bottom, displaying ALL of the data for EMT-B licenses.
What I want: I don’t want to show the data the user didn’t input (the data I put in). I only want the user to be able to see the information they put in. The repeating group on the top is working fine, I just want the bottom changed.

I thought I would be able to add a simple conditional to display only data inputed by the user but I was wrong and I’m lost for ideas. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

I would utilize Privacy settings for this. You can setup a privacy role on this table for the Current User as the Creator. That way, whenever a search is done by a user, they only see what they created.


Hey Ken, thanks for replying! i’ve spent the last 4 hours trying to figure our what you mean by this / trying to set conditionals for the current user being the creator and i’m not having any luck. Would you be able to explain it any more? i’m fairly new at this so i’m sorry for the newb questions

Looks like I figured it out now. Thanks!

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