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How do i hide a particular cell item in a repeating group, only for the creator of the post

So, this is for a social media type of app.

So when a user joins, I’ve made sure a post is automatically created by the user, which says “Welcome User”. This automatically gets added to the list of posts that show in the repeating group set up on the home page. Now, I don’t want this post to be seen by the user who created it, as it needs to be viewed only by the others in the group so that they can welcome the user. AS it would say things like Welcome the user etc… Any ideas on how to do this?

You would set a Conditional on the message or element itself to say if message’s creator = current user, the element isn’t visible. Then it would only be displayed if the person who created the welcome message isn’t the user that’s logged in / viewing it.

The issue is, this is not an element. It is a field from the database. There is not way to hide a that right? It is being pulled from the database of posts. I basically need a way to hide the “thing” only for this user.

I don’t know which element to hide in this case.

You will need to constraint it in your “Search for”…

Search for posts where creator <> Current User

So, how the repeating group is set up right now is, it shows posts from everyone who is a part of the same group. That includes posts from the current user as well, and that is how i want it. I need to find a way to exclude only this particular post created by this particular user, and it needs to be hidden only for this particular user. But it needs to show for everyone else.

Since the message is displaying in your Repeating Group, I would assume that your message is displayed within an element. Be it a text element, input, etc. This is the element you would want to target.

It’s saved as a field in your database, but to be displayed somewhere in your application, it’d have to be displayed in an element.

If you want to share a screenshot of your RG or a read-only link, happy to take a deeper look!

ok, i think i get it. I’ll have to hide all elements (I have multiple elements within a cell)?? But in this case, all the posts by the user gets hidden right? I want only that 1st post to be hidden for the current user.

What you could do in that case then is set the conditional so it’s not only “message’s creator = current user” but make it “message’s creator = current user AND message’s body = Welcome User” then it will only hide the welcome message.

Got it. Let me try that. Thanks viable.