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Need help with basic database structure/scalability

Hi all,

I need some help with my data structure and if there are any significant limitations or performance issues.

Currently I have a calendar repeating group that shows rate against a date for the property selected in a drop down up to one year forward from the current date. There will be thousands of these records as there will be hundreds of properties with 365 days of rates.

Example of the “Rates” data type:

  • Rate - Number

  • Date - Date

  • Availability - Boolean

  • Minimum Stay - Number

  • Property Name - Text

In the repeating calendar group, each cell outputs a unique cell date. Within the repeating cell a dynamic text field that does a search for the Rate data THING within the Rates data TYPE where:

Current Cells Date = Rate’s Dates

Property Name = Dropdown A’s Value

This means when the next month is selected on the calendar bubble with have to search through thousands records under the data type Rates to find matches for both the current cells date and property name. Will this result in slow load times or is there a more efficient way of doing this?

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@getfelix welcome to the community!

Searches in RGs are a no go if you want performance

Pre-load lists on your entries and even so it is not advisable to have lists in objects that you need to manage via RGs . Even worse if these lists are beyond 100 entries.

Re-think your dB structure and logic. Build it as inversely related as possible. There are many tricks for the logic as well but cannot go into specifics as I do not know how your app functions.

Check out this insightful resource (paid):

Thank you @cmarchan ! I purchased this and it has been a great tool for learning foundations.

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