Need a little helpypoo

How can I recreate this in bubble?:

Been on the computer for 20 hours straight. That’s my next task. Going to hit the hay.

Is there a tutorial anyone knows about? Seems easy but annoying and possibly hard.

Thanks everyone.

Looks like a calendar view with extra steps to me.
That would mean setting it up with nested RGs that all fetch data - which would mess with your page’s load time.

An alternative would be storing this data as a single static list of numbers for each user and then running an RG with that as the input data. Better still would be creating this as an HTML element with a way to input these numbers in the HTML code itself via dynamic expressions.

Let me know what you think. This would be an interesting mini project to work on over the weekend :slight_smile:

Ranjit | Atomic Fusion

I was going to go the static list route. Max out color options to 3. And hope for the best.

I’ll update the thread with what I hack together. Thanks!

Amazing! That sounds like a plan