Need Help with creating a search group


I have made a registration form and from that registration a Unique Code is given to every person. When the person shows up to the event, he/she will show the registration QR code or the registration code.

Now I can’t figure out why its not coming up as “Parent group User” instead its coming up as “Current User” and I don’t want it as current user since only admins will be able to search for their code and check-in or check them out.

I hope screenshots below can explain more!

There are no screenshots!

edited! should be there now.

I don’t understand the question… can you clarify what you’re asking, or what the issue is?

so people who register via the form. get the card. which has all their information for the checkin.

so when they register, it saves it in the data types that i’ve created correct. i want it to display the information that they wrote in the form and submitted to be displayed when i search their “registration code” which is automatically generated when submit is clicked.

but right now, it only displays the information of the “current user” which means it will display my information as a admin having access to it.

i can show you how it is if you want to check the app out.

i’ve sent you the bubble editor to check it out.

What am I meant to be looking at? (what page, element, what’s meant to happen, etc.)

Admin page.

The “registration code search box” is meant to display the registration of that person whose “Registration Code” is written in the searchbox.

Same goes with the QR Code Scanner. The people will have QR Codes on their card. So as admins, they can scan the qr code and it’ll show that particular registration based on the qr code registration code.

But right now, it displays “current user’s registration” i want it to display the registration of the person whose code is written in the searchbox or scanned.

i don’t if you exactly get me now.

basically, people register. and after registration they get a card with all their information, such as registration number, name, etc.

Then Admins can see their card from the admin page via writing their Registration Code in the search box or scan the QR.

or i can explain it to you in a call or something like that.

got what i meant?

bumping this. anyone to help!

I’m not entirely sure I understand what you’re asking…

But if you’re just asking why only the current User is showing in the SearchBox, that’s because you have privacy rules on your User datatype (as you should) that are stopping User data being seen by anyone other than that User.

So just modify your privacy rules for the User datatype.

well that fixed the issue but now I have issues with the check-in and check-out button and the qr scanner.

Hi mrpsgamer8,

I can try to understand your doubts. I’m not sure if you have Discord, but if you do, please message me on Discord and I can guide you on how to fix your problem in a more efficient way than long forum conversations.

My username is: dkharris

:slight_smile: See you!


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