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Search box value

If I can’t find the result I´m looking for in a search box, I can´t use my input for anything else as the search box value is empty until it´s filled with a search hit.

But there are times you could need that input in a easy way.
Let´s say you´re booking tickets in the app.
When making a group registration I want the user being able to search for users in the app to add to the group. (So far so good).
But if I start typing the name of a person and the search box wont find it (the users doesn´t exist) I´de like the user being able to continue filling out the name, adding an email address and inviting the user to join the app and the group .
I know I can do this with a separate input field to use if the user doesn´t exist. But I want to make this the best ux with a clean flow.

Any ideas on this?