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Need help with form create meeting plus one or more tasks


As a real beginner at Bubble I want to create a rather complex form (it’s simple I think, but with my knowledge of Bubble uhhmm… not!) I have spend a week in following the lessons and reading topics in the forum but I still have a lot of questions. So here is my challenge and I am hoping you can help me out:

I want to make a form where the user can create a meeting and can define one or more tasks attached to that meeting before saving the form. I read a nice topic about a simular question and what I understood and tried to replicate is that a Button “create meeting” has a workflow which:

  1. Creates a meeting
  2. Creates the first task in the repeating group
  3. Updates the task list of the meeting
  4. Activates a popup screen with the form
    All the fields in the form (except for the fields which autogenerate a unique meeting and task id) are autobinding.

I understand the logic and love the autobinding concept. Awesome, cool! One little problem; the form ends up in a bug message.

Beside the bug there are several difficulties which I cannot figure out:

  • How do I auto generate a unique meeting id number? (Preferable: M000….) I read the topic about creating an auto unique id field but I do not understand how to find that expression

  • How do I setup the workflow for the plus end minus icons to create another task or to delete a task (before saving the form)
    How do I setup the workflow for the “create meeting” button so that:

    1. one meeting is saved
    2. one task is saved
    3. list of tasks are saved in the meeting tasklist field
    • How do I setup the workflow for the save button at the end? As the “create meeting” button already created the thing meeting and thing tasks.

I made a public app so that you can have a look:

You’ll have to keep at it, the bugs will go away when you work your way through more Bubble concepts. I’d reccomend taking a look at conditional statements (both on the workflows and on elements) and custom states (for storing temporary strings or lists).

As far as generating a unique string, you ‘calculate formula’ and then hit ‘generate random string’:

There are a number of options you can choose from:

Hope this helps some.

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