Need help with grouping date data

Hello I need to display on a graph the sales in week, month and day. Does anyone know how to do this? i tried this but…

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The trick here is to use group-by. This lets you group the data by the date field and then you can specify the time interval.

Give it a try and tell me how it goes.

Hi, thank you for your response!! I already tried it but i dont know what to put here, can you help me with a screenshot pls ?

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You van set the interval to 1, for monthly grouping

Also for start, you can get the min of date fields of items.

Also you should define some aggregations, like count or sum values of another field

I dont get it, what i have to find in this input ?

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Is it possible to access the app editor?

yes, can you add me in discord ? Its better for talking :)) R.#6276

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