Help needed with formula

I’m trying to build a chart that displays the total value of items sold each day.

I’m retrieving the data from a “sales” database, that has the following fields:

  • Quantity
  • Sales_price
  • Sold_date

On the X axis the date, so each database entry has it’s date so there are multiple entries with the same date, so i want to show the date grouped by Sold_date, interval 1 day.

and on the Y axis the total value sold per day,

So i was thinking of something along the lines of:
list 1: each item’s Quantity grouped by sold_date
list 2: each item’s sold_price grouped by sold_date

the issue is it seems that that doesn’t work as it doesn’t propose me to group it by date.

Does anyone know how i’m supposed to do this ??

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