Need help with input field count

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Good day, everyone. How can i make the input field count by clicking on the arrow icon?? If there is a possible solution without the use of plugin, that would be better
Screenshot 2024-06-22 084557

  • Create a group with align to parent layout.
  • Add the input inside the group with 100% width and height.
  • Add two buttons inside the group, towards the right quadrants and bring them front so they will look like inside of the input.

Thanks for reaching out. This is not the solution I was looking for. The expected solution is logical. I’m trying to make the zero text count when the top icon is clicked

I thought you were trying to create the design. For the complete logic, you have to use custom states and a text to show this custom state. And the buttons, will increase or decrease this custom state. See demo below:

Here is the editor if you want to check details: Tests for Forum 14 | Bubble Editor

Exactly what I wanted. Thanks so much

By the way, I want it to stop counting backward when it gets to zero

You should add a condition to the down button press that checks the custom state value.

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Got it. Thanks