Need help with jobs marketplace - web app and mobile app

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A friend of mine has an idea to develop a jobs marketplace for gig workers (white and grey collar). He wants to build a mobile app for workers (supply side) and web app dashboard for the HR side (demand side). He also wants the optionality to maybe implement whatsapp chatbots for workers side, since it needs to be multilingual, and it eliminates the friction of downloading an app. I’m not sure if / how the chatbot can be built within bubble, or can be built on another platform and integrated with the bubble database.

He’s an engineer but not background in software engineering, nor in nocode. Completely bootstrapped project.

I’m a newbie to bubble myself and don’t know enough that I can guide him confidently, but I’m 80% sure it can be done in bubble. If an agency or freelancer can help build and maintain the project (with future minor updates), please DM with a brief explanation (1-2 paras) of architecture and tech stack how it can be built. If its possible in bubble, I’ll ask him to seriously consider bubble vs traditional ‘all code’ development.

I’ll forward your replies to him. I’m not the decision maker and simply helping a friend. Specific product requirements, user stories and further commercial terms will be managed directly by him.

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My name is Cliff, I am a bubble developer for over 3 years now and I have worked on several amazing projects, top of which is the flaxxzone mentorship platform. I love to refer to it as “the Facebook for mentorship”. I particularly loved this project because of the challenges it posed seeing as it was the very first app I built on bubble.

see some apps I have built.

Flaxxzone ( is a mentorship platform that connects youths to industry professionals in my country. (Demo: pwd/email: [email protected])

Liveshopz A way for merchants to organize their items and sell online. This platform pulls information from users ebay store (API), and let’s them create an inventory within the app that they can use during a Facebook live event. I don’t have a demo account since it’s a clients app as well.


Ps. Check out this whatsapp clone I built:

Unfortunately out of all my projects I can only talk of these few. I have worked in a company as a freelancer, so I know how to use some project management tools like, slack and more.

My LinkedIn:

I look forward to hearing from you.

Hello @1_d4 !

Big project!

Marketplace > Bubble
Chatboat > There are great ones out there with great APIs and webhooks. One could be built with Bubble … but why reinvent the wheel and unnecessarily over burden the app?
Native mobile app > A wrapped to mobile Bubble single page (designed as a true mobile app and not as a mobile responsive webapp … in order to pass the app stores’ approval … especially Apple’s)
Likely many other integrations > payments provider for a marketplace (Stripe), Twilio for SMS and an alternative to the somewhat recently released to the public Whatsapp API if needed (not sure how much they opened it), among others (email and/or marketing automation provider, analytics, external database like Xano if needed for performance and storage of large data sets)

Best of luck with your project! :smiley:

Thanks to everyone who sent me DM. I have forwarded your contact details.

Thanks @cmarchan for your explanation that sounds sensible and possible. :+1:

There really isn’t a timeline on this as far as I know. So I will leave the message open for a couple of more days.

Thanks community :+1:

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