Multiselect Dropdown Customization


I’m using Multiselect Dropdown in my app and i would like to customize it a little bit.
I want to change this black font on the list of options. i tried clicking through every option of multiselect dropdown and i can’t figure it out to be honest. I would be really grateful for help!

Also, i would like to ask if i can make some number of characters limitations to added by user multiselect option? Like for example user input in this field can’t be longer than 20 alphanumeric characters.

Thanks in advance!

A little update on this - i still didn’t figure it out :sweat_smile:.

I would like to change colours (background and font) of this dropdown list and limit User input to alphanumeric characters and number of characters possible to use (for example: max 27 characters). Can someone help me with that?

Hi there @taon,

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I believe that in order to do this, you’ll need to change the background color of your dropdown itself.

You can enable a max character limit as shown below.

Thanks but… How to change dropdown background colour itself :sweat_smile:?

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Also i can’t see “limit the number of characters” in Multiselect Dropdown input type.

Which plugin are you using? Are you using the Bubble built multidropdown plugin?

It’s called “Multiselect dropdown” and is provided by bubble, yeah.

Exactly this one:


I’m using the Bubble one and I can change the background along with setting max characters.

Can you show how @johnny ?

I’m not seeing such things in Multiselect Dropdown settings.

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