Need help with parsing data from .CSV

Hi there,
I’m trying to upload quite a big amount of data (1500 lines) from an .csv file. It would be amazing to upload this so i don’t need to upload everything manually.

I get 4 errors, which are displayed in the picture. Can someone give me an idea how to approach this?

Kind regards,

Hi @sando,

Read the content of the csv file (use the plugin “Data parser”) and stored into some repeating group,if all the content was readed from csv then, this plugin have state for check all the data was parsered then run the each from the list of repeating group into api workflow.

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It sounds like you have an inconsistent number of commas in your CSV on each row, leading it to only capture a few values. But seems odd that that would happen if you had exported as a .csv.

What was the origin of the file? (Self created, pulled from somewhere else)?

If you’re OK sharing a snapshot of the data in a private message, that’d likely help with debugging.

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you can use regex to remove those and extract the exact data from each rows and send those each column values into api workflow.