Need help with restrict input with specific words

Does anyone know how to solve a problem with my app like:

I create social networking app having a system which restrictes input.
There is a database includes a banned words’ list. I would like to show Popup if users post some comments which contains one or more words form that banned words’ list.
If users post some comments does not contain any words form that list, then users could post the comments.

I tried to

・let input-form to add filter(which I think it is impossible to add filter to input-form)
・or Do a search for and add constraint:Input-form contains each words from banned list(That does not work somehow)

Does anyone have an idea to solve my problem??
Please help me.

The key here will be turning the input’s value from one text value that contains many words into a list of individual words. You can do this by using the “split by” operator to split the single texts into a list of texts using a “space” character as the divider between words in the list.

From there, once you have a list of words the user typed in, you can compare this list to the list of banned words using the “intersect with” operator. The expression for your comparison would be
Multiline Input's value:split by ( ) intersect with do a search for banned words:each item's words:count > 0

I hope this helps!

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Thank you so much for your advice. I really appriciate, but unfortunately that did not work…

It looks like "split by"does not work because my app is used in Japanese, not English. (that is why I think using “Input contains do a search for” or “input filter extract with Regex” things would work)

I am pretty sure both “contain” and “extract with Regex” works even in Japanese, but input-thing and those operators could not used together…

Do you have any other idea??