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Need help with RG displaying all entries for each date

Hi everyone,

I would like to create something like this:

I use an RG inside another RG and what happens is this:

As you can see, there are four entries. One on 01 February 2022 and three on 25 December 2021.

I would like the entries posted on the same date to appear under that date only. Right now, I get three copies of 25 December 2021.

What should I do so that all entries posted on 25 December 2021 only appear once?

Thank you.

You need a this Calendar at first.

Then inside of this calendar add another RG with images.
Add constraint 2 by created date or whatever date you want.

Created date > or equal ( didn’t find a symbol) Current date : rounded down to day
Created date < Current date : rounded down to day: +(days) 1

That is it!

@Eugene_West Thank you. I forgot to say in the original post that all entries on this site will be made by the user, so I don’t actually want to display them in a calendar - just want a long list like in the picture in the original post.

I found a post (Group by Field in Repeating Group) which has a similar problem to mine. How can I do this but with date instead?

Thank you.

Hi @prin!

it’s a simple fix, don’t worry. You just need to group the rows by date and round the full date down to day, like this:

here’s a full video on how I replicated this issue and how it can be fixed:

hope it helps!

Hello @hanan1. I followed your instruction. It works now. Thank you sooo much!!! The video was very clear. :grinning:

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@hanan1 Could I please ask one more thing? Everything works fine, but now when displaying all the entries, the oldest one is at the top. I would like the newest one to be at the top. I tried sorting by date using both “yes” and “no” in “Descending”, but the oldest date is still on top. What should I do?

Thank you again.

@prin Sure, you just need to sort the grouping itself by date > descending:

it works, see how the ones I added today are on top?


It works now! Thank you again @hanan1. This is new knowledge for me.

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glad I could help :slight_smile: almost everyone discovers something new in Bubble everyday don’t let that scare you and keep it up!

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