Repeating group sorted by days

Hi everyone, havent posted for a while.

I’m trying to make a niche journal to store information for myself (and will likely release to see if anyone else finds it useful).

I am trying to create a repeating group where each column of the repeating group represents a single day and i’m having trouble playing with the date functionality to make this happen.

The current setup is the group housing the repeating group is set to “Journal entry” content type, and the repeating group itself is set to search for journal entries created by = current users. I have tried playing around with the created date alot but cant manage to get it to one date per repeating group cell.

The end goal is to have a horizontal scrolling repeating group with ~30 columns representing each day of the month, and a dropdown at the top of the page to pick what month you want to view your journal entrys.

I hope this makes sense, and thankyou in advance for any help.


Hey Chris,

Working with dates can be a real pain. If you’re going for your own custom calendar inside of a repeating group, check out this thread: [HOW-TO] Create a custom Calendar using repeating group

You’ll need to use a bit of javascript to make it work. I plan on releasing a video series soon that will further explore how one can work with custom calendars using javascript inside of Bubble. Hope this helps!

Hey Jacob, thanks for your reply.

I’ll give this a go, not what I had in mind, but with the difficulties I look like facing I might implement this method and work around it.

Thanks for your assistance,


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