Need Help with Slow Page Load Times

Hey everyone,

My Bubble page is loading at a snail’s pace, even though it’s just a simple form. Check it out ( Any ideas why it’s taking forever?

tried tweaking stuff, but no luck.

Would appreciate any quick fixes or tips you can throw my way!

Thanks a bunch,

For bubble, it loads relatively well imo

Thank you so much for testing the form, can i ask what browser you using?

Loads okay but it might be due to my internet speed and pc

Quick question: In the pick up and destination address choices, what’s the data source on that?

i am using google maps Api if thats what you mean

Tried loading it on mobile data and the loading speed dramatically decreased 15s>

There’s a couple of factors to consider on page load speed but on the bubble side of things, I think you’re fine as what @jared.gibb said

Thank you @ntabs , it took me months to build my form on bubble and now thinking of alternatives due to SEO and speed. does any1 know a good alternative? Embedding bubble to Wordpress is another issue, I never liked iframe embedding and i dont think there is a better way to show the form in wordpress website.

Although there are optimizations you could make in your bubble app for better SEO results, you would still be limited since Bubble is inherently unoptimized for SEO

What I would suggest is for you to separate your landing page and your bubble app.

Your landing page would be on your main domain and your bubble app would be on your subdomain i.e.

You could build your landing page on wordpress, webflow, or other platforms that are more SEO friendly

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