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How to increase pagespeed for landing pages?

I’m using Bubble for our marketing websites and need to increase the page load speed as much as possible. I’m attaching our scores so y’all can see where the issues are for

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Hello Csakon,

I noticed your website isn’t live yet? Deploy it and try the load speed test again.

I was listening to a Podcast about this and they mentioned that if you published your website with the Personal plan, you will see better results in load times, and if you’re not happy with those speeds, to add “1 unit of server capacity” (Currently the professional plan offers 3 units of server capacity).

Hope it helps.



Nice layout on mobile. Can’t say I felt any slowness on the landing page, but your form page was fairly slow.

Maybe for the form page, load the bottom of the page slightly later than the top? (Conditional visibility).

Otherwise, it’s hard to say how optimized your layout is from a design perspective without more info. But I would 100% work on the form page. Again, the landing was nice and quick.

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The copy is really good , you got a future client today , forming a US LLC to be able to access stripe is a near future goal of mine

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Lol, marketing wasn’t my intention, but I’ll take it! Thanks!

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I’m confronted with very similar issues. As a matter of fact, my PageSpeed figures are basically the same. (
For a Wordpress project, which I did some years ago, I added a plugin that optimized JS and CSS for performance.
Is there anything similar for

This might be an error on the forms page? Should it be registered agent?

Curious if there any new ideas here from folks smarter than I, but the long story short is that since bubble dynamically produces the content on page load. It will never get even close to page performance of cached / static pages like webflow / wordpress etc.

Hope to be proved wrong though!