Need Help with splitting RG over multiple PDF pages

Current Situation
I have a functionality in my application where users can create their own PDF. This PDF will have a header & footer, and the first page will have information that is pulled from my database.

The second page of the PDF is user input based, but still need the header & footer. On this second page, there are 2 input boxes, one where users can input their header, and 1 where users can input multiline text. Users can create an unlimited amount of these header & multiline text input combinations as they want. I am using a repeating group that lists all of these header/text input combinations.

My problem:
The problem that I’m running into is that I can’t seem to find a way to stop the repeating group when it hits the footer on page 2, and then continue the repeating group on page 3 where it was stopped on page two. Since the user inputs can vary from being short, to being long, there is no way that I can put a fixed number of rows to display on each page. Somehow it has to be dynamically.

Any information or thought would help me out extremely much, I’ve been running into this problem for the past week now…

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